Smoke Cleanup

Smoke, Odor & Soot Removal

Where there’s smoke, there’s not only fire, but potentially long-term damage that demands a combination of chemistry, technology and common sense for thorough and efficient cleanup, repair and restoration.

At Quality 1 Cleaning & ¬†Restoration, where we’re certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, and Lisenced By the state of florida our team of smoke recovery experts will be on-site within hours. We start by performing extensive testing to find out what’s responsible for the damage, including:

  • Hard-to-clean wet smoke
  • Dry smoke that results from a high-heat fast burn
  • Fuel oil soot from furnace puff-backs
  • Hard-to-see but strong-smelling protein damage that ruins sealer and paint
  • Residue from fire extinguishers, tear gas, and fingerprint powder

We’ll identify the material that produced the smoke and soot, follow the smoke’s path through the building, and use specialized chemicals and procedures, performed by trained technicians, to thoroughly remove stains and surface buildups so there’s no lingering residue or odors.

We can help determine what must be removed or replaced, and we’ll help you understand what can be preserved, saving you time and money. We work closely with property owners, tenants and insurance companies so everyone knows the restoration’s likely expense and schedule.