Mold Remediation

You May Be Risking Family’s Health

Mildew in the home is a serious problem. We realize that such a situation poses a considerable health threat to you and your family. Only a professional and experienced service like Quality 1 can properly clean-up the affected areas and help eliminate the chances of reoccurrence.

Remember, All mildew related problems must be dealt with quickly and we are here 24 hours a day to help.

Upon the inspection of your home Quality 1 technicians will be able to diagnose the specific problem areas and customize treatment. The main issue in mildew removal and prevention is moisture control so our first step is to make sure any affected areas are dry. We then contain the affected areas and remove the mildew by gentle, organic, chemical-free methods.

Preventing Future Odor Problems

After the mildew is disposed of properly, we treat the area again to help prevent any future growth and eliminate unpleasant odors. The entire process ensures that your home is safer, cleaner and fresher than ever.

As a Final step Quality 1 will hire a licensed Mold Testing company to conduct a clearance test to insure successful completion of the project.

Quality 1 is working closely with a General contractor and will be able to offer the reconstruction work after the remediation process is done, Please ask our represenetive  for details.