Fine Rugs Cleaning

Quality You Can Trust

You can trust your oriental rugs and other fine rugs to Quality 1 cleaning & Restoration . Our approach to cleaning oriental rugs combines old world craftsmanship with new technology. We clean your rug in our state-of-the-art rug cleaning plant to provide the finest possible results.

Using patented tools and machines designed specifically for cleaning oriental rugs, our unique system utilizes the simple elements of air and water to provide the most  effective and gentle cleaning.

Not Just Cleaning

Quality 1 cleaning & Restoration also offers complete rug repair services, including fringe replacement, surging, binding, patching, re-weaving, and backing repair.

Quality 1 cleaning & Restoration will pick up your oriental rug, clean it in our state-of-the-art facility  and deliver it back to your home. Trust Quality 1 Cleaning & Restoration, the rug cleaning experts.

Rug Repair

Oriental rug repair is a work requiring craftsmanship, skill and understanding of rug construction. At Quality 1 Cleaning & Restoration , we offer a wide variety of Oriental and fine rug repair and restoration services. Our Oriental rug repair specialists are trained and experienced in working with a variety of machine and hand made rugs such as, Oriental, Persian,Turkish, Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Navajo and many other specialty rugs.

The best way to guarantee the value and beauty of your Oriental rug is with regular care and maintenance. Its important to inspect the rug ones a year for any rug damage and  wear and tear. We can help you keep your rug from fraying with services such as edge serging and edge binding. Our technicians can also reweave your rugs and repair or replace the fringe. With all of our services we use our  knowledge of rug construction and repair to provide outstanding Oriental rug repair services to our customers in the  Greater South Florida .