Carpet Cleaning

Why to choose us..

Think vacuuming your carpet gets it clean? Think again.  Even  the best vacuum cleaner collects only a fraction of the dust,     dirt and other allergens in your carpet, including pet dander and dust mites. Dust mites? You bet.
There are millions of these tiny insects that thrive on the stuff your vacuum cleaner doesn’t and can’t get out of it. Ask any pro, and they’ll tell you that the only way to rid your carpet of these pests is high pressure steam cleaning.

Cleaning Methods: There are many ways to clean carpets. Our professional technician will recommend the best cleaning  method for you, explain exactly what’s going to be done, then get to work. The Quality 1 Team will provide you with the most complete carpet cleaning service anywhere.

Attention to Detail: There are a lot of carpet cleaning  companies out there. What separates the best from the rest are the extra touches. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with the job.  It’s the little things, like:

Spot Pre-testing:
The carpet in your home or business is a big investment.   We know that, so we spot-test a small, inconspicuous area      of your carpet before we begin. If there are any problems, we can recommend another of our effective cleaning methods.

Carpet Protector:
Carpets are by nature high-traffic areas. Day after day dust and grime settle into it, people walk all over them, spill stuff on them. Applying carpet protection can help   your investment in cleaning your carpet last, keeping your carpet fresher, longer. This is the final recommended step in our thorough cleaning process.

The Carpet Manufacturers recommend re applying  protector after every cleaning. After applying Quality 1 Team Protector to the carpet, more dry soil will be removed with vacuuming, spots will be removed easier, your carpet will last longer and look better.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance:
First impressions are the most important. What does it say about your company if the first thing your clientele see is a dirty, smelly carpet? The Quality 1 Team has a commercial carpet maintenance program that will fit your company’s budget. Our courteous customer service staff will help you by customizing a maintenance program that will not only get your carpets clean, but maintain that appearance for the life of your carpet.

Stain Removal:
It was once thought that getting a deep-down stain in your carpet meant having to put dad’s easy chair over it  to hide it. But stain removal technology has come a long way. Our stain removal methods are not only safe and effective, but reasonably priced as well. To be sure it’s safe, we spot-test an inconspicuous area of your carpet before we begin. Only when you know it’s safe do we    begin the process of cleaning your entire carpet.

Odor Neutralization:
Over the years, your carpet is going to absorb odors. Every time someone takes a step, it pushes these odors  into the air. Not only does your carpet and upholstery smell dusty and stale, but now your house does, too. And that’s just the beginning. Cooking odors, Uncle Louie’s cigars, and the family pet all leave odors of their own.