About Us


It would be great if any company that cleaned your Home or Business would actually care about your needs. The only problem with so many cleaning companies and so called service givers out there is that they really don’t really put your needs at the top of their concerns.

From low quality work and a “one size fits all” service policy, the main impression you get from these companies is that
they simply don’t care. Way more disturbing are the dishonest companies that rely on their customer’s lack of knowledge, using high pressure sales Tricks to make people pay a much more than the initial price advertised.

Unlike those “Fly by night “companies out there my company is not looking for a way to make a quick buck and disappear. With thousands of homes and businesses that we have cleaned in our resume, we remain at all times committed to providing our customers nothing short of the highest quality service and best trained professionals.

My name is Yoni Azran I am the owner of quality 1 Cleaning and Restoration and I am proud to offer you the alternative to all those Dishonest businesses. My company doesn’t just offer a wide range of cleaning & restoration services for you , your family,or your business but we are also committed to provide outstanding customer service as well as our 7 days money back guarantee policy .

For the past Ten Years we have been serving customers in the South Florida area and throughout this time it is that commitment that made us grow and succeed. And seeing as most of our business comes from our clients referrals we know how important it is to keep our high standards of both the quality of our work and courtesy of our technicians.

So if you in need of an Emergency flood service , Mold problem or your carpets or upholstery are in need of some freshening up, give us a call to our toll free number at (888) 802-8411 or (305) 937-6074 and let us prove to you why we consider ourselves the best out there. You have nothing to lose, our consultation meetings are free of charge, and I am convinced you will find the rates we offer very affordable considering the great value we offer in return.